5 Essential Vehicle Convenience Upgrades

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5 Essential Vehicle Convenience Upgrades

If you want the best convenience features to upgrade your ride in southern California, Soundiego is here for you. Here are a few essential upgrades we can provide for our clients.

  • Custom stereo – Make your time on the road more enjoyable with a custom sound system designed to meet your listening choices. Whether it’s thumping bass or crystal-clear podcasts you crave, we can help design and install a system with the perfect components.
  • Bluetooth – Using a phone can be both dangerous and illegal while driving. Connecting your phone to the car via Bluetooth can provide you with less distracting, legal options.
  • Wireless charging – You don’t want to be tangled up in cords while you drive, but you also don’t want to run out of battery if you are using your phone for music or navigation. Wireless charging is a must.
  • In-dash GPS – Rather than looking down at your phone and getting instructions from a tinny smartphone speaker, in-dash GPS gives you a way to check the map with minimal distraction and ensures your speakers will give you clear directions.
  • Dash cam – Get the evidence you need in crucial situations with a dash cam that’s always keeping an eye on what’s ahead of you.

Your Source for Vehicle Upgrades in San Diego

Soundiego is here to make your vehicle safer, more convenient, and an entertainment machine. Get in touch today by calling 619.582.5577, or you can request a quote online to get started. Be sure to get on the calendar soon so you can have your upgrades in place for your summer road trip!

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