How to Get the Most Life from Your Car Stereo Speakers

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How to Get the Most Life from Your Car Stereo Speakers

Upgrading your car stereo system can be both a costly and rewarding venture. As a result, you want your new car speakers to last as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your music to the full without placing undue stress on your new speakers, which could result in shortening their lifespan.

  • Don’t crank the gain to the max – It can be tempting to see just how loud your speakers can get, but the fact is that cranking the system to the max, even momentarily, can end up doing irreparable damage. It’s not worth the risk. Just have a conversation with your installer to learn what the highest sustainable system output should be.
  • Replace any damaged covers immediately – If a speaker cover is damaged or somehow becomes dislodged, don’t delay in having it repaired. Speaker components are quite fragile, and that protective cover is a must if you don’t want a rather simple accident to result in serious damage to the speaker.
  • Don’t let your speakers overheat – This can be easier said than done in the summertime in southern California. But you really need to try and keep your speakers from overheating. It’s best if you can park in a garage or another covered spot. But if not, try to avoid leaving the car in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Window tint can also help.

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