How Much Bass Is Too Much?

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How Much Bass Is Too Much?

When it comes to music enthusiasts, many have the feeling that there is no such thing as too much bass. But if that’s how you feel, then you probably just haven’t experienced what we’re talking about yet. Here are a few ways to know you need to tone the bass down in a car stereo system.

  • It’s causing hearing damage – Are you noticing that you have more trouble hearing in certain situations, such as in a crowded room? The onset of hearing damage often causes a person to be unable to make out words first before it progresses to further damage. Get your ears checked regularly, and adjust your volume if you begin to experience any hearing loss.
  • You can feel it (not in a good way) – It can be a pleasing sensation to feel your bass besides just hearing it. However, there becomes a limit where your teeth feel like they are rattling inside your head or your stomach is doing tricks. It’s okay to feel your bass a little, but it should never be uncomfortable.
  • It’s too much for the space – Sound waves bounce and continue on. If you have too much bass in too small of a space, the waves can cross each other until either they cancel each other out or build on one another. So if your music starts out sounding and feeling good and the bass either becomes too much or diminishes over time, you just have too much for your vehicle. A compact car with the windows rolled up requires less bass than an open cabin boat on the water.

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