3 Myths About Car Alarm Systems

Some people are hesitant to have a car alarm installed because they don’t live in a bad neighborhood and don’t see it as a necessary expense. That usually just means a person doesn’t understand the many benefits of car alarms. Others mistakenly think an alarm system can more than it actually does. Here are 3 myths about car alarms.

Myth #1 A Car Alarm Keeps the Police Out

This is false depending on where you are. For example, in NYC, police officers are legally allowed to disable an alarm. The best thing to do is never have anything illegal in your vehicle. Then it won’t matter if police decide to search the car.

Myth #2 You Can Install It Yourself

You may have the mechanical and tech savvy to install a car alarm, but few laymen do. As a result, if you have any concerns at all about removing your car’s dash or messing with the delicate electrical system, don’t bother. Hire a professional car alarm installer.

Myth #3 A Car Alarm Is Just for Anti-Theft

There are tons of other features included in modern alarm systems including things like remote starting. Plus, adding an alarm system to your car can provide an auto insurance discount. You may find that over time you save more than your initial investment in the alarm system and installation.

San Diego’s Car Alarm Installation Experts

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