3 Thing You Should Know About Wiring for Your Car Audio System

One of the most overlooked elements of a car audio system is the wiring. You can spend a fortune on the best speakers and amplifier, and still end up with inferior sound if you don’t pay attention to a few important factors. Here are 3 things you should know about car audio wiring.

#1 Avoiding a Voltage Drop

A voltage drop can occur when the wiring that connects your amplifier to the power supply can’t handle the necessary voltage. As a result, the output can become distorted. An amplifier with voltage protection might even power down unexpectedly.

#2 Using the Proper Wire Gauge

There are two factors that will determine the proper gauge for your speaker wiring.

  • The amount of power that needs to go to your speakers
  • The distance between your amplifier and your speakers

Most car audio systems will use speaker wire in the 12 to 16-gauge range.

#3 The Right Type of Wiring

The gold standard in car audio wiring is oxygen-free copper (OFC). This type of wire is highly conductive thanks to having the amount of oxygen in the copper electrolytically reduced to almost zero. Regardless of your custom stereo installation needs, OFC help to ensure that your wiring can handle the load.

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