Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

If you own your own car, then you’ve experienced that brief moment of panic when you walk out of a store and don’t see it where you remember parking. In most cases, it wasn’t stolen. Just someone with a huge SUV parked right between your car and the building. But you still breathe that sigh of relief when you finally see your vehicle is safe. Here are the top four ways to keep your car from being stolen.

  1. Keep it in the garage – Are people actually stealing cars out of driveways? Yes. Having a garage is the first line of defense. But if you don’t have one, it doesn’t mean you have to move. We still have four more options.
  2. Never leave it running – This probably goes without saying, but your car should never be running when you are inside a building, even if you only intend to be in there for a minute. Whether you are grabbing mail from your PO box or just wanted to run back in the house for a minute while the car warms up, don’t do it. Shut the car every time you get out.
  3. Secure your vehicle – You also always want to have your doors locked and windows rolled up. If it is midsummer and you want to leave the windows open a crack, make sure that is all it is.
  4. Get a car alarm professionally installed – There’s no better way to protect your ride than with a modern alarm that provides you everything from proximity alerts to GPS tracking if the car ever is stolen.

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