LED Lighting – One Way to Make Your Car More Energy Efficient

Recent disasters that have affected the US have made climate change an even more intense topic than ever before. Regardless of your stand on the issue, energy efficiency is beneficial for all of us. One way that you can make your car more energy efficient is by switching to LED lighting both inside and out. Here are 3 ways that LED lights are beneficial for the planet and for your wallet.

LED Bulbs Are Significantly More Energy Efficient

Most people realize that LED bulbs are more efficient, but few realize just how much more efficient they are compared to other forms of lighting. You save 70-90% of the energy that it requires to operate a standard bulb, and they are more efficient than fluorescent lighting as well.

LED Bulbs Help to Reduce Waste

The average LED bulb can work for up to 60,000 hours. That’s about 30 times the average lifespan of a standard bulb. That means LED headlights should last longer than you would ever keep a car. You would never have to worry about your interior lighting going out either. Fewer bulbs being replaced means less waste.

LED Bulbs Do Not Contain Toxic Materials

Fluorescent lights do save money and are far more efficient than standard bulbs, but many people are unaware that these bulbs usually contain mercury. If you ever read the disposal instructions on a CFL bulb, you’ll probably never let one in your house again. LED bulbs are safe, and that includes to touch since they don’t produce as much heat as other forms of lighting.

Auto LED Lighting Installers in San Diego

If you want to upgrade to LED lighting in any of your vehicles, contact Soundiego today at 619-582-5577. Our professional LED lighting installers can help improve your car’s headlights and interior lighting.

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