Keep Your Car Window Tint Legal

Last fall the Los Angeles Times had an amusing article discussing just how many cars on California roads are driving around with illegal tint on their windows. Every state has its own laws on how dark your car windows can be tinted. The windshield and front side windows usually have the most restrictions so that police can see into the vehicle.

As the article mentioned above notes, police don’t usually pull a car over for having illegal tint. However, if you are pulled over for anything else, you are likely to get a ticket for the tint as well, and that means spending money to have the tint removed. How can you avoid this problem in the first place?

California Car Window Tint Laws

In California, you are allowed to have a transparent strip that covers several inches at the top of the window. This isn’t considered to be an obstruction to the authorities because your pull-down vanity mirror will cover the same area. On the sides in the front of the car, tint must allow a minimum of 70% of light to pass through. In the back, you can tint your windows as dark as you like. You just have to not care about the fact that your windows won’t match.

Also, be careful not to tint the windows an illegal color. California doesn’t allow an amber or red window tint on the windshield.

Have Your Window Tint Professionally Installed

Another way to ensure your tint is legal is to go to a reputable installer. At Soundiego, we offer experienced window tint installation. You get the highest quality tint, professionally installed, and you know you’re not breaking the law. To learn more, call us today at 619-582-5577 or request a quote online.

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