How to Meet Modern Tech Needs with a Few Simple Car Upgrades

The last time you took your car to the shop, did it cost a fortune due to electronic issues or a problem with the computer? There is more tech in the engine of a vehicle than ever before. So how come car manufacturers have been slow to keep up with interior technology needs? Here are a few upgrades you may want to make to your vehicle to enjoy your technology even more.

  • Inputs – You need both wired and wireless connections for your passengers to connect their media to your car’s entertainment system. From Bluetooth to USB, there are more ways than ever to let your passenger be your onboard DJ.
  • Charging – Not everyone who gets in your car will have the same type of mobile devices, but everyone will be worried about battery life. Be sure to have chargers on hand for both Android and Apple devices, and a wireless charging station in the console is a nice add-on.
  • Entertainment – Touchscreens are a part of life, so while an onboard DVD player used to be a great way to keep the kids from asking, “Are we there yet?” you may need to up your entertainment game. Hands-on displays are a popular way to create interaction for your passengers.

Custom Audio Video Upgrades and More

At Soundiego, we can help you to upgrade your car’s entertainment system as well as provide sales and installation for other vehicle upgrades. Contact us today at 619-582-5577 to see what we can do for you, or you can request a quote from our website.

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