How to Choose the Best Car Alarm System

Modern car alarm systems have diverse options both for security and for convenience. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a car alarm system to have professionally installed.

  • Remote car starter – This is a great convenience feature that is being bundled with most modern alarm systems. You can use it to warm up your car on a cold morning or to have the engine ready for you to jump in and take off.
  • Proximity sensor with cameras – The proximity sensor alerts you to something as simple as being bumped in the parking lot and the cameras make sure the person doesn’t just get away with it, leaving you with the repair bill.
  • Battery backup – Car thieves often go straight to a car alarm’s connection to the car battery. If the alarm system has its own backup, the thief will be shocked to find it hasn’t been disarmed. Or it can keep the GPS locator on so the authorities can quickly recover the vehicle and catch the perp.

San Diego’s Premier Car Alarm System Sales and Installation

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