5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Stereo System for Your Boat

Summer is in full swing, and you want your boat not only to look but also to sound its best when out on the bay with your buddies. Here are 5 tips for outfitting your marine vehicle with the best audio system.

  1. Get marine equipment, not marinized equipment. Marinized equipment isn’t actually waterproof. It just means that a coating has been sprayed onto the circuitry. It won’t last as long as actual marine equipment.
  2. You definitely need a good sub. There’s no way to create optimal acoustics when you are out on the water. You need walls or a ceiling to bounce the sound off of and the sky doesn’t count. A good sub will reverberate through the boat itself and create a greater depth to your sound.
  3. Use digital format for your music. When you are out on the water, the surf is going to cause CDs to skip no matter how good your system is. Digital is the only way to go. That means having the right inputs as well so you can access your digital music easily.
  4. Use marine cable. You don’t want standard speaker wires on your boat. Marine cable will ensure the wires don’t end up corroding.
  5. Check the IPX Rating. An IPX of 6 or more means the equipment has been rigorously tested (blasted with pressurized water). An IPX rating of 7 means that the testing involves submerging the equipment to the depth of a meter for half an hour.

The Marine Audio Experts in San Diego

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