3 Things to Add to Your Fleet of Car Service Vehicles

If you operate a car service, there are certain forms of technology that need to be built-in to your entire fleet of vehicles. These technologies will improve client experience and help keep your drivers and passengers safer on the roads. Here are three amenities and technologies that your passengers expect.

#1 In-Dash GPS

This may seem silly in a modern world where every already has GPS on his or her phone, but you need to think about safety. A passenger may not want a driver checking the phone or holding the device, especially if it is not legal in the state where your car service operates. You may give drivers instructions about using handheld devices, but it is better to take the temptation away by having the in-dash GPS installed.

#2 Bottled Water

You never know where a person may book a ride from or to, but most people who use a car service are either involved in business or are traveling to and from the airport. Either way, it is always a nice touch to offer bottled water. In fact, do more than offer. Just have a bottle in the cupholder waiting for each passenger.

#3 Upgraded Audio/Visual Entertainment

From tablets for passenger use to inputs so your guests can control the music if they want to, this is a nice added touch that can allow your client to create the experience he or she wants. A better experience means a better review of the service and more word of mouth recommendations.

The Car Upgrade Specialists in Southern California

Soundiego offers all of the customized audio and video systems you want your clients to enjoy. We can upgrade a single vehicle or an entire fleet. To learn more or to request a quote, you can call us at 619-582-5577, or you can request your quote online.

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