3 Myths About Car Window Tinting

Sometimes we hear people making comments about window tinting that we just can’t ignore. Not only are the comments untrue, but they may even turn a car owner away from taking advantage of a product that could really benefit them. Here are three myths about car window tinting that we just felt we had to correct.

Myth 1 – It Is Illegal to Tint Car Windows

This one is completely untrue. It springs from the fact that each state has its own rules about car window tinting. For example, in California, you can’t change the color of your front windshield with a tint. But that doesn’t mean you can’t apply any tint. You can still get the benefits of a clear tint on the windshield while you darken your other windows.

Myth 2 – If I Get My Windows Tinted, They Will Ended Up Purple and Bubbled

Apparently, someone decided to tint his own windows either about 20 years ago, or they used an inferior quality tint. If you have your car windows professionally tinted with a high-grade tint, you have nothing to worry. They will look great for many years to come.

Myth 3 – The Only Reason to Tint Car Windows Is for Looks

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, tinted windows look pretty sweet. But don’t forget that you are also protecting your car’s interior, helping keep the inside of your car cooler in summer, and you are making it tougher for criminals to look inside your car.

San Diego’s Premier Car Window Tint Installers

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