3 Car Stereo Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of information online regarding car stereo products and installation. Some of it really is expert advice. Other information is myth either based on misconceptions or perhaps on the way that older equipment used to function. Regardless, we’re going to debunk three of these myths for you so you aren’t misled into spending too much money or money on the wrong components.

Myth 1 – More Speakers = Better Sound

More speakers equal more money. If you want better sound, it is about getting the right speakers (and other car stereo components), having them installed properly, and having them installed in the right locations in your vehicle.

Myth 2 – Tweeters Should Be High

Maybe this idea came about because tweeters create the highest pitched sounds. However, tweeters should be placed near your other speakers. Why? Sound travels fast – about 770 miles per hour – but your ears are fast too. If your tweets are away from your sub or midrange speakers, you may actually notice that the timing sounds like it is off when the frequency range of a song changes suddenly.

Myth 3 – Always Set the Amp’s Gain to Max

If the gain is too high, you’re going to end up with distortion. Maximizing volume is about pairing the right components with each other, not about cranking every single component up to 10. Will the music be louder at 10? The noise produced by the sound system will be louder, but I don’t know if you’ll still want to call it music.

Professional Car Stereo Installation in San Diego

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