Read This Article Before Getting Your Car Windows Tinted

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Read This Article Before Getting Your Car Windows Tinted

Applying aftermarket tint to your vehicle windows is a great idea. There are far more benefits than just the cool aesthetic. Remember to always take your vehicle to a professional for aftermarket tint. Here are a few other things that you should know before you get your car windows tinted.

  • State guidelines dictate how dark your tint can be on specific windows (as well as what colors you can use) – The good news is that states respect each other’s laws. So if you drive across state lines, police will see an out-of-state license plate and shouldn’t bother you, even if your state has fewer regulations on window tint.
  • Even clear tint provides some benefits – If you can’t tint your windows as dark as you want, just remember that clear tints exist. You can still protect your upholstery and skin from UV rays with the right type of window film.
  • The tint will be applied to the interior of the windows – This protects the tint from the elements and other environmental factors that could damage your tint. However, you will have to be sure to ask the installer if the aftermarket tint requires any special cleaning care. Also, don’t let your seatbelt fly back and tap the glass. If you scratch the tint that way, it will likely void any warranty you were offered.

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