Window Tinting for Transportation Vehicle Fleets

Transportation and delivery vehicles need window tinting for a number of reasons. If you are operating a fleet of transport or delivery vehicles that do not have tinted glass, here are a few reasons to have this professionally done.

  • Driver safety – A tinted window can reduce the amount of glare for the drivers who are transporting passengers or goods for your business. Even though you can’t have a dark tint on the front windshield in California, even a clear tint can block UV rays and reduce glare.
  • Protect your vehicles – Tinted glass reduces the UV rays that can prematurely fade the interior of your vehicles. This can offer your fleet vehicles better resale value when it is time to replace them. So the cost of the tint may even pay for itself in the long run.
  • Keep your vehicles cooler – It can get hot in California, especially inside a vehicle. Tinted glass can keep your passengers more comfortable or create a better transportation environment for goods in the vehicle. It may even save your drivers some money at the pump since they shouldn’t have to run the air-conditioning as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature—anything you can do to take the strain off the battery while driving will help.

Window Tint Experts in San Diego

Soundiego has the professional window tinters you want when you need an entire fleet of vehicles tinted. Get in touch with our talented team today by calling 619.582.5577, or you can request a quote online.

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