Why Aftermarket Car Alarms Are a Serious Upgrade

Factory car alarm systems have improved over the years. Rather than just being a noisemaker that the owner accidentally sets off over and over, these alarm systems now usually include a key fob that allows you to arm and disarm the alarm while opening and closing your doors. However, this is just one small part of what you get from an aftermarket car alarm system.

Features of an Aftermarket Car Alarm System

Of course, not all car alarm systems are created equal. However, there are a growing number of security and convenience features that make them a serious upgrade from the factory setup. For example, your car alarm system may include features like:

  • Remote entry – While this may seem like the same thing we just described for a factory alarm, the key fob on an aftermarket system is often much more advanced and may even allow you to see what part of your car is being affected if the alarm goes off.
  • Shock sensors – Even a shopping cart in a parking lot won’t get away with dinging your vehicle.
  • Anti-hijacking mode
  • Car finder – GPS can help the authorities find your vehicle, even if the thief thinks they shut the alarm system down.

Get the Car Alarm System You Deserve

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