Tips from San Diego’s Car Alarm and Security Experts

At Soundiego, we know more about car upgrades than just audio and video. We also install top of the line car alarm systems to help you protect your ride from theft or break-ins. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the likelihood of an incident.

  • Always take your valuables with you – If you do have to leave something of value in your car, make sure it is completely hidden from view. Don’t temp a passing thief to smash your window in order to grab something that looks expensive from the seat or floor.
  • Keep it closed up – If you leave the doors unlocked or the windows down, even in your own driveway, you are courting trouble. Sure, some insurance policies will still cover your vehicle, even if you left it open, but most are going to be upset that you didn’t take the minimal precautions. And don’t even think about leaving your car running unattended. That will get you a ticket (and arrested if you argue with the police like this guy).
  • Get a car alarm system – If you don’t have an alarm system for your car, now is the time to install one. If you have an older alarm system, you should consider the newer features that come with upgrading the model.

Car Alarm System Sales and Installation in San Diego

When you are ready for a new car alarm system, give Soundiego a call at 619.582.5577, or request a quote online. We have the top brands and experienced installers to help you get the most security for your money.

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