Keep Your Fleet of Vehicles Safe and Secure with These Tips

Whether your fleet of vehicles is used to transport passengers or deliver products, you want to keep drivers, passengers, and vehicles safe and secure. Here are a few tips to upgrade your vehicles the right way so that you meet these crucial goals.

  • Install speakers for clear audio – Some speakers are all about thumping bass, and then there are speakers that allow you to hear someone clearly. Whether the speakers are being used to listen to commands from a GPS or to communicate with a dispatcher, you want to make sure the speakers you are using make speech crystal clear.
  • In-dash GPS – Everyone has GPS on their smartphone, but you don’t want your drivers holding or looking down at a phone, even if that is legal in that state(s) they will be driving in. An in-dash GPS helps your driver to keep their eyes on the road, and that means safer transport.
  • State of the art alarm technology – From dashboard cameras to see what your driver sees to built-in GPS that can help you to recover a stolen vehicle, you need the most up to date security features on all of your company vehicles.

San Diego Installers for Your Fleet of Vehicles

If you operate your fleet of vehicles from the San Diego area, Soundiego can help you with the sales and installation services you need. Not only do we offer these upgrades, but we can also help with things like video screen installation, window tinting, and more. Call 619.582.5577 today to learn more, or you can request a quote via our website.

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