Tips for Safer Parking in Public

Parking in a public lot can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you have a nice car, a lot of vehicle upgrades, or just a car that is often stolen (which is usually a more common vehicle rather than a luxury import, no matter what you saw on Gone in 60 Seconds). Here are a few quick tips to keep your car safe when you have to park in public.

  • Park in a well-lit area – This is especially true if you are parking in public at night or if it will be after dark by the time you return to your car. Criminals prefer to act under cover of darkness, especially now that there are so many video cameras watching at all times.
  • Don’t leave valuables visible – Anything that can be put away should be. Window tint may also help prevent criminals from seeing into your car.
  • Have a good car alarm system – Make sure you get an alert on your phone if something triggers the proximity sensors. A battery-powered tracker can also help recover your vehicle if it is stolen. Plus, you can get a lot of convenience features, so a car alarm system is really a win-win for you.

San Diego Car Alarm Sales and Installation

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