Tips for Custom Stereo Installation

Having a great custom stereo system in your car is about more than just buying the right speakers, amps, and head unit. There are a lot of details that detract from the overall experience if they are not handled properly. Here are a few custom stereo installation tips from the pros.

  • Create custom speaker housings – You don’t want speakers rattling around, and the ones that happen to fit in the factory housings in your car will rarely be exactly what you want or need. Creating custom housings is a great way to reduce vibration and create a factory installation feel.
  • Tuck wires away – This is more about aesthetics than function. However, it can also be a safety issue. Passengers can get tangled in wires that are hanging out all over the place. Also, a person who gets caught on a wire can accidentally pull something lose and affect whether your new sound system even works.
  • Think about frequency response – This goes, not only for your speakers but also for your wiring. You may get the right gauge wire, but without the right frequency response, your speakers won’t be able to put out those ultra-high and low tones. They have to receive it to output it.

San Diego’s Premier Custom Stereo Installers

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