Three Reasons to Add a Dashcam to Your Vehicle

Whether you are driving for work or just going back and forth to the store, a dashcam is a really great feature to add to your vehicle. Here are three reasons a dash cam can be a real lifesaver.

  • You want the footage if you’re in an accident – Basically, you have your own built-in eyewitness that can protect you from scams. Since everything is documented, you can submit this as evidence, and a personal injury lawyer can use it to help you maximize a settlement with the insurance company. The only real downside would be if the footage reveals that you were at fault, but for safe drivers, there is only an upside.
  • Catching someone in the act – If someone approaches your vehicle from the front, you’re going to have a face on the footage. At least you will get the voice recorded, even if the person approaches from the back. This can be good when dealing with a criminal, but it may even help you out if you have a bad experience with an officer of the law.
  • Go viral online – Sometimes, you just catch something priceless on your dashcam. Put it online and see if it becomes an overnight sensation!

Get the Vehicle Upgrades You Need in Southern California

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