The ABCs of Car Stereo Amplifiers

Amplifiers take the signal that comes from your head unit and ramps that up before it reaches your speakers to produce audible sound. Even just upgrading the factory amp will maximize what you can get from your factory car stereo system. What do amplifiers do, and how can you choose the right one?

The Function of the Amplifier in Car Audio

Amplifiers take a low level of power to operate but output really clear and loud sound for your speakers. When you are using the right amp, you can get the volume much closer to the maximum output before you begin to experience distortion. Depending on the audio system in your vehicle, you may require more or fewer channels. For example, if you want to run four speakers and a sub off one amp, you will need a five-channel amp. Alternatively, you could get a four-channel amp for the speakers and let the sub have its own amp.

What Amp Is Best for Your Car Stereo System?

Since there are so many car audio configurations available, you will want to plan your custom stereo system with the help of a trained installer. This will ensure that you have the right amps, speakers, and other components in the optimal configuration for pleasing sound quality.

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