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5 Quick Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Broken Into

In the US, about 2 cars are stolen per minute. That’s a mind-blowing statistic, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t become a part of it. Here are 5 tips for decreasing the likelihood of your vehicle being broken into. Always lock your car and roll up the windows when you get out.

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Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

If you own your own car, then you’ve experienced that brief moment of panic when you walk out of a store and don’t see it where you remember parking. In most cases, it wasn’t stolen. Just someone with a huge SUV parked right between your car and the building. But you still breathe that sigh of relief when you finally

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5 Car Alarm Components You Should Know About

Some people want to protect their vehicle but have never done much research on car alarms. With that in mind, we compiled this list of five essential car alarm components. This will help you to appreciate what you are getting when you buy a high-end car alarm and have it professionally installed. The Control Unit – This is the brain

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5 Reasons to Add an Alarm System to Your Car

The one thing you always hear someone say after they become a victim of a crime is, “I never thought it could happen to me.” If you have ever caught yourself thinking that in connection with your car being broken into or stolen, now is the time to take precautions rather than after the first time it happens. Here are

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Car More Secure

The last thing anyone wants to see when heading to a parking lot or street parking is a missing car or a broken vehicle window. We are going to look at 5 ways to protect your ride from theft, break-ins, or vandalism. #1 Lock the Doors Even in your own driveway, your car doors should always be locked. It’s not

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