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Get Your Car Windows Tinted Before Summer

Spring is already here, and summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to get your car windows tinted. This can help protect the interior of your vehicle, keep the car cooler, and it adds a nice aesthetic appearance. Here are three essential reminders about having your car windows tinted. Work with a highly rated installer – Check

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5 Things to Know Before Getting Your Windows Tinted

Having the windows tinted on your car can provide many benefits. Not only does it look great, but you are also protecting the interior of your car, reducing the temperature inside the vehicle, and improving your privacy. If you decide to get your windows tinted, here are a few things to keep in mind. Tint has a drying time. During

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California Window Tint Laws – January 2021

The window tint laws in each state are subject to change, so be sure that your installer knows the current laws. At the time of this writing, the following laws are in place in the state of California when it comes to passenger vehicles. You can only use a non-reflective tint on the windshield, and it is only allowed on

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3 Reasons to Get the Windows of Your Transport Fleet Tinted

With increasing demand, more and more delivery vehicles are privately owned. There are even some small fleets forming. If you have a fleet of transport vehicles, why should you have the windows tinted (at least, as much as your state allows)? Here are three good reasons: Reduce glare for drivers – This makes driving safer for those making the deliveries.

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Getting Your Car Windows Tinted in Winter Is Always a Good Idea

We often think about tinting car windows when the sun is shining in the summertime. However, winter is also a great time of year for car window tinting. Why? Here are a few reasons to get your car windows tinted this winter. Better visibility – Driving conditions are often more dangerous in the winter, even if you live in an

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