LED Vs. HID Headlights

Headlight upgrades can improve your driving experience, make your vehicle visibility better during the day, and improve driving safety at night. But what type of headlight do you want to get when you upgrade? The most popular upgrades are LED (light emitting diode) and HID (high intensity discharge). Let’s make a brief comparison so you can see which one will meet your wants and needs.

  • LED Headlights – LED bulbs do not have a filament. Instead, an array of light emitting diodes determine the brightness. This is where the name LED comes from. The diodes are used to conduct the energy all in one direction – toward the bulb. Then powerful light is emitted with minimal energy.
  • HID Headlights – This is another major advancement over halogen bulbs. Like LEDs, there is no filament. However, with HID bulbs, Xenon gas is what produces the extremely bright light. One nice factor is that the tone of the light produced by HID bulbs is very similar to the tone of natural sunlight.

While both are a major upgrade from a traditional headlight, you might find it interesting to note that LED headlights have 12 times the lifespan of HID bulbs. You basically get a headlight for the life of your vehicle. Plus, it takes a second or two for the Xenon to heat up and produce light, so response time is faster for LED headlights.

San Diego’s LED Lighting Experts

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