Keeping Your Car Safe from Criminals

According to some reports, crime rates across the US are down due to the spread of coronavirus. Either criminals are worried about catching the disease or worried about getting caught because there are fewer people out and about for valid reasons. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want to let your guard down when it comes to your car. You may not have anywhere to go right now, but definitely want your car to still be there when things get going again. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Lock your doors – The best way to protect yourself from theft is to keep your doors locked at all times, especially if your car won’t be going anywhere for a while.
  • Keep valuables hidden – Don’t leave bags or electronics visible in the car. Even if there is nothing of real value, if it looks expensive, someone may smash your window for it. Then you’ll have an expensive repair bill.
  • Get a car alarm – Besides the added deterrent, you also get many modern conveniences along with newer car alarms. So now is a good time to shop around for a car alarm or an upgrade to your existing system.7

We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

While improving your car alarm system may not be your top priority during a pandemic, Soundiego will still be here when you are ready. We’re a top distributor for car alarm systems, and we have talented installers. Call 619.582.557 to learn more, or you can get a quote online.

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