How to Shop for a Modern Car Alarm System

Modern car alarm systems are about so much more than just making noise when someone opens the door without the key. You can get a lot of great features that protect your vehicle and provide you with increased peace of mind. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a car alarm.

  • GPS – Make sure the alarm system has GPS with its own battery backup so that even if the thieves cut the power to the alarm system, the police will still be able to locate your vehicle.
  • Remote ignition lock – As soon as you know your vehicle has been taken (which is immediate if you have been carjacked) you can remotely lock the ignition. The thieves aren’t going anywhere. Cue the sirens.
  • Shock sensors – Are you tired of always finding dents and dings on your car after you leave it in a parking lot or on a public road? Shock sensors can detect the second anything from a basketball to a shopping cart strikes your vehicle so can respond rapidly.
  • Real-time alerts – Modern car alarm systems can provide you with up to the minute info on the state of your car and what has caused an alert to be triggered.

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