Get the Right Amplifier for Your Car Stereo System with These Tips

An amplifier is one of the key components to producing great audio in a vehicle. Whether you want your music louder, clearer, or more detailed, this is the crucial element to focus on. How can you be sure that you purchase the best amplifier for your car stereo system? Here are a few quick tips.

  • Don’t buy cheap amps – A good rule of thumb is that a quality amp should cost somewhere in the range of a dollar per watt. For example, you may find a high-end 300-watt amp for about $350 or a 700-watt amp for $600-650. Of course, you may be able to score a great half-price sale on discontinued models.
  • Look for RMS or continuous output – Peak wattage has no real-world value for your sound system, so if the amp is rated in peak watts instead of RMS or continuous output, then you have to wonder what the manufacturer is trying to hide.
  • Number of channels – Watts with several channels are great for powering a few speakers. However, for your subwoofer, you want a single channel amp.

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