Four Tips for Better Car Window Tint Installation

Adding window tint can upgrade the appearance and function of your vehicle. It can protect the interior of your car so that it maintains value longer. It can also make it easier to keep the inside of your car cool and offers some additional privacy for your passengers. But how can you make sure your tint meets those needs? Here are a few important suggestions from the pros at Soundiego.

  1. Hire a professional tint installer – If you want the tint installed properly, you’re not going to save money by doing it yourself. You’ll have to buy high-end tint, get all the right equipment, and spend a lot of your precious time to do the job right. Even then, without experience, you may run into issues you don’t know how to fix, and this may affect the end product.
  2. Know the law – If you hire a pro, this is no problem. Your installer will be able to tell you the shades and colors that are legal in your state. However, if you choose to do your own tinting, you will need to confirm the laws of the state where your vehicle is registered.
  3. Use the best quality tint – This will prevent the tint from turning purple, bubbling, or blocking your smartphone service. Cheap tints lead to disappointing outcomes.

#4 Go to the Right Installer

If you live in southern California, that means heading to Soundiego. Our professional installers have been in the business for over two decades. We use the best quality tint, know the law, and offer an affordable alternative to struggling with the tint in your own garage. Call 619.582.5577 or request a quote online to learn more.

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