Features You Want in Your Next Car Alarm System

Car alarm systems have come a long way from being noisemakers that really aggravated your neighbors when you accidentally set it off while leaving for work in the morning. Now, a car alarm system can have many convenient features besides those that help protect the car from theft or break-in. Here are a few essentials to look for the next time you get a car alarm.

  • Proximity sensors – This is a great feature for people who are tired of returning from shopping to discover that someone bumped their car in the parking lot. It can also be good if you live in a neighborhood and kids are always hitting your car with a ball.
  • Cameras – Of course, getting an alert every time someone gets near your car will only help so much if you can’t rush over to see what happened. That’s why cameras are a must on modern car alarm systems. When you get an alert, you can just access the live feed from your mobile device to see what happened.
  • Remote car starter – This is a convenience that every modern driver should have. From the ability to start your car remotely to being able to change settings such as the temperature and seat heaters, you get a lot of added comfort for your money.

Car Alarm Sales and Installation in Southern California

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