Equip Your Car for Better Food Delivery Service

With so many out of work and restaurants closed down for dine-in customers, some have turned to working for one of the many food delivery services that are still in operation. Perhaps this is the case for you. Maybe, you are even finding that you enjoy this type of work and intend to keep doing it even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. What are some vehicle upgrades that could benefit you?

  • In-dash GPS – Find pick-up and drop-off points faster than ever before. Don’t risk looking down at your phone while driving. At the very least, you should have a dashboard mount for your phone and use the audio for directions.
  • Bluetooth – A Bluetooth connection for your phone will allow you to connect to your car’s audio system wirelessly. This will give you louder and clearer directions if you are using your phone for GPS. It will also allow you to take hands-free calls from customers or even have their text messages read to you as you drive.
  • Stereo upgrades – You’re going to want crystal clear audio for your GPS directions and phone calls. Why not make sure you can enjoy your music while you work as well? An upgraded car stereo system can help you navigate safely and provide some recreation at the same time.

Improve Your Work Environment with a Few Upgrades

If you suddenly find yourself using your car for work, there may be a few features that you want to add. Soundiego is southern California’s premier car audio sales and installation provider, and we can assist with many other vehicle upgrades as well. To learn more, call 619.582.5577 or request a quote online.

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