The Perfect Sound System for Your ATV

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The Perfect Sound System for Your ATV

When you are out having a good time on your ATV, you want to still be able to enjoy your favorite tunes. What are some good tips for developing the perfect sound system for your ATV? Interestingly, you are going to want to apply many of the same concepts as when designing a sound system for a motorcycle or a boat. Here are some of those tips:

  • Make sure everything is weather sealed – You are going to be tossing around a lot of dirt, dust, and possibly even water and mud. You don’t want your new sound system to end up getting ruined. Marine audio equipment usually provides the best sealing against the elements. So that is why you are going to want to look at equipment that is designed with boats in mind.
  • Direct your sound properly – The speakers are going to need to point toward the driver. You know that ATVs are not quiet. So you’re going to want directional speakers so you can hear them both over the engine and over the noise of your tires tearing across the trail.
  • Bluetooth is a must – You definitely do not want to be messing with wired connections. You should be linking your phone or another music-playing device wirelessly to the sound system.

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