Properly Wiring Your Custom Car Stereo System

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Properly Wiring Your Custom Car Stereo System

When you think about a custom car stereo system, what comes to mind? You probably consider the speakers, the head unit, the subwoofer, amplifiers, and things of that nature. While it’s true that those are some of the essential components of a car stereo system, you do have the think about the wiring as well. For example, without the proper gauge wires, the system simply won’t work at all.

However, there are a few other considerations:

  • When you replace your factory stereo system with a more powerful system that has a much higher wattage, you need to upgrade the wiring as well. Don’t take a chance with the factory wiring.
  • While the wire gauge is straight-up about whether the system will function or not, the quality of the wiring could impact the quality of the sound. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ve got to have quality wiring that meets the specific needs of your custom stereo system.
  • Appearance matters when it comes to wiring. Have you ever gotten into someone’s car and could immediately tell they set up their own sound system because there were wires sticking out from everywhere? It’s unsightly, and it’s a trip hazard when getting out of the vehicle.

Professional Car Stereo System Design and Installation

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