Car Window Tinting Facts You Need to Know

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Car Window Tinting Facts You Need to Know

There is a lot of information about car window tinting available on the internet. Unfortunately, as with much of the information we find online, some of it is wrong. To help you distinguish fact from fiction, here are a few things you should know about car window tinting before you go see a professional installer.

  • Not all window tints are created equal – If you’ve read (or seen) horror stories about aftermarket tint turning purple and bubbling, one of the big issues (besides poor installation) is the quality of the tint. Not all tints are the same, and you need to choose a good installer who will use top-quality tint to ensure you get long-term results that add value to your vehicle.
  • Car window tinting laws vary by state – Car window tinting laws may restrict the darkness of the tint (requiring a certain amount of visibility) or the color. Because laws vary from state to state, you only need to know the laws where your vehicle is registered. In other states, the police will see your license plate is from out of town and thus out of their jurisdiction for tinting laws.
  • Aftermarket window tint is not too difficult to keep clean – Keeping tinted glass clean is usually a simple matter of using a glass cleaner. Just be sure to check with your installer to see if there are any additional instructions.

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