Bluetooth Is Shifting from Convenience Feature to Must-Have in Vehicles

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Bluetooth Is Shifting from Convenience Feature to Must-Have in Vehicles

Bluetooth has been a long-time feature in our mobile devices, and vehicle makers started learning the benefits of including it. At first, this was an add-on – touted as a convenience feature. But for the modern driver, Bluetooth is a must. Here are a few reasons.

  • Legal phone use – Most states have hands-free laws at this point. So if you want to legally use your phone while driving, you need to have it connected to your vehicle. This will allow you to use voice commands to make calls or even listen to and send texts.
  • Music – Most of us use streaming services to listen to music nowadays. If you want to be able to connect your phone to your car without a bunch of cables (which you can’t even do with many newer phones), then you need Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit your music to your car stereo system.
  • Navigation – GPS is one of the essential smartphone uses for drivers. But it can be dangerous to look down at your phone to check the map. It can also be tough to hear the directions clearly from tiny phone speakers. Bluetooth can allow you to see the map at a quick glance on your dashboard as well as to clearly hear the instructions through your car stereo speakers.

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