Are Your Party Buses Ready for Post-Pandemic Bookings?

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Are Your Party Buses Ready for Post-Pandemic Bookings?

The pandemic changed the way people lived, worked, and even partied for a couple of years, but things are gradually getting back to a sense of normalcy. Is your fleet of party buses ready to welcome back events? The pandemic may have seemed to stop the world for a couple of years, but technological advances haven’t slowed down at all. Here are a few features renters are going to be looking for:

  • Safety precautions – People are treating the pandemic like it’s over in some ways, but in others, they want to take the necessary precautions. So be sure that you have options like hand sanitizing stations on the bus and keep them well supplied. Think of it as the new normal in hygiene.
  • Modern audio and video tech – Everything should be Bluetooth compatible. You also want plenty of places for attendees to charge their devices so they are not stuck in one corner if they need a charge. Upgrade monitors to touchscreens that are more responsive and offer the highest quality display.
  • LED lighting – One of the highlights of a party on a bus is the LED lighting solutions that can produce a variety of moods. Make event attendees feel like they are in an exclusive, private club!

Get the Upgrades Your Party Bus Fleet Needs

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