A Few Car Window Tint Myths You Need to Know

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A Few Car Window Tint Myths You Need to Know

If you are researching car window tinting, you need to be sure the information you are finding is accurate. To help you weed out some of the most common myths, we’re going to debunk a few for you today.

  • Myth 1: If the local laws don’t let me use a dark tint, I won’t get any benefits – There are actually clear films that can provide a lot of benefits when it comes to UV rays and things of that nature. So don’t skip the idea of window tint altogether just because you’re not allowed to make the windows as dark as you want in your state.
  • Myth 2: All window tints are essentially the same – There are major variations in the quality of car window tints. In fact, many other concerns that people have about window tint (Will it turn purple? Will it bubble? Will it block phone reception?) are usually related to issues found in cheaper or older style tints.
  • Myth 3: You can’t clean the windows once an aftermarket tint is applied – This isn’t true. You likely will be able to maintain your regular window cleaning routine, but you should check with your installer just to be sure. They may recommend that you avoid specific types of cleaning substances or cloths depending on the type of tint applied.

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