Best San Diego Alpine Stereo Dealer

For over 15 years Soundiego remains an authorized San Diego Alpine Stereo Dealer. Soundiego is a one stop shop for Alpine stereos, Alpine amplifiers, and Alpine navigation systems. Customers searching for genuine Alpine stereos in the San Diego area can call us at 1-619-582-5577 for Alpine stereo installation and appointments.

Alpine car stereos are the highest quality car audio available (check search term) today. Genuine Alpine car audio systems are back by the manufacturer when sold and installed by an [Authorized Alpine car audio dealer].

Soundiego also offers Alpine subwoofers, Alpine speakers, and top of the line, Alpine Video navigation systems. Call the car audio installation leaders at Soundiego for all of your Alpine Audio needs.

Soundiego also offers the INE-Z928HD 8-inch in dash GPS Navigation System, this is the only oversized navigation system with an 8″ inch screen on the market.  If you want a huge navigation screen then this model may suit you needs.



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