5 Common Car Audio System Installation Mistakes

Audiophiles love that crystal-clear sound of their favorite song playing while cruising down the road. The most frustrating thing can be when you’ve spent a bunch of money on a new car audio system, and the audio quality isn’t what you expected. Here are 5 installation mistakes that could be the issue.

#1: Using the Wrong Wiring or Power Source

Buying the right speakers and amplifier are vital to getting the volume and sound quality you want. However, pairing high-powered equipment with a weak power source or the wrong wiring will minimize the value of even the most powerful amplifier.

#2: Focusing on Volume Instead of Frequency Response

Being able to play your music over the guy in the car next to you is one thing, but hearing those high sounds from your tweeters and feeling the bass from your subs is all about selecting equipment with the right frequency response range.

#3: Adjusting the Car Audio System Settings

Every car audio system comes with recommended setting. Depending on the type of music you listen to or the speaker setup you have installed, the factory settings may not be optimal. It is important to know how to adjust the stereo settings accordingly to meet your needs and tastes.

#4: Using Compressed Audio

Okay, so this one isn’t the installers problem. You can have the best system and have it professionally installed, but if your audio is compressed to a lower bit rate than 256 kbps, discerning ears will notice immediately.

#5: Having the Stereo Installed by an Amateur

After reading a beginner’s guide to car audio installation, most music lovers are ready to leave this extensive task in the hands of a professional. Of course, everyone has a friend or relative who thinks he’s a pro installer because he installed the system in his own car. You know who we mean. You have to push wires out of the way to sit in any seat, and the audio system is loud but the quality is worse than a factory system. Save yourself (your ears in particular) the pain and have your car audio system professionally installed.

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