3 Ways Bluetooth Will Improve Your Driving Experience

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3 Ways Bluetooth Will Improve Your Driving Experience

The car may be the only place you don’t check your smartphone regularly. But Bluetooth can allow you to stay connected legally and in a far safer manner. Plus, the right set up in your vehicle could allow you to use apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to get the most from your device. Here are three major benefits of having smartphone connectivity in your vehicle.

  • Control your music playlist – Most people use a service such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or another option when listening to music at home. With smartphone connectivity in your car, you can still listen to all your favorite playlists. And if you have a custom car stereo system, this may be where you enjoy your listening experience the most.
  • On-dash GPS – Rather than having to look at your phone to see your GPS and listen to the directions from your phone speakers, smartphone connectivity can allow you to hear crystal clear instructions over your car’s sound system while viewing the map on your dashboard display.
  • Handsfree phone use – Handsfree commands can allow you to make and receive phone calls as well as have text messages and other alerts read to you or sent by voice command.

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