3 Myths About Car Stereo System Wiring

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3 Myths About Car Stereo System Wiring

When you want a custom car stereo system that really enhances the listening experience, professional installation is a must. One reason is that you need it wired properly. While wiring is one of the least talked about components of a custom car audio system, it is certainly not the least important. Here are a few common misconceptions about car stereo wiring.

  • Myth 1: You can just use the manufacturer’s wiring – This is a terrible idea. First of all, you are probably significantly increasing the wattage in your new stereo system. This means you will need wiring that can handle the extra wattage. The manufacturer isn’t going to spend the money to install wiring that can handle significantly more watts than their factory system needs.
  • Myth 2: You get interference from the speaker wiring being too close to the car’s power wires – You get interference from ungrounded speaker wiring being too close to the car’s power wires. If the speaker wires are ground properly, you shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Myth3: The cheapest wiring is the best – Stereo wiring shouldn’t be the most expensive component of your stereo system by any means, but you can’t just buy the cheapest wire and expect to enjoy the full potential of your stereo system. In fact, the wrong wiring could result in poor audio quality (or even no sound at all if you use the wrong gauge).

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