What Sets Off Your Car Alarm?

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What Sets Off Your Car Alarm?

Car alarms have come a long way from just being noisemakers trying to attract attention and scare off thieves. Now, you can check what caused your alarm to go off using a smartphone app or your alarm system key fob. Some dashcams will even start filming when the alarm is triggered and may even alert you so you can watch the live video.

Here are a few of the things that can trigger a modern car alarm system:

  • Opening a door, the hood, or the trunk – These are the main car alarm features we’re all familiar with. If someone enters the vehicle without the alarm remote, even if they just pop the trunk, the alarm should trigger.
  • When the car is bumped – Don’t you just hate it when you notice new scratches when coming out of a store? Car alarms that go off when something as simple as a shopping cart strikes the vehicle can make sure the person doesn’t get away with it (and a dash cam can certainly help as well).
  • Proximity – Some car alarms will even provide a warning when someone is hanging around too close to the car. If the person doesn’t respond and move away from the vehicle, it can trigger the full alarm.

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