3 Reasons You Can’t Compare Factory Car Alarm Systems to Aftermarket Ones

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3 Reasons You Can’t Compare Factory Car Alarm Systems to Aftermarket Ones

Most modern cars come with some sort of anti-theft. But as a general rule, you can’t really compare the features that come with a factory car alarm system and some of the advanced aftermarket car alarm systems available today. Here are just three of the many reasons that a car security system is a good purchase, even if your car came with an alarm system.

  • Starter kill – This is an essential anti-theft feature. It keeps the car from turning on, which obviously makes the vehicle far more difficult to steal. How these works vary from system to system, but some are even “anti-carjack” wherein you can kill the engine after you get away safely.
  • GPS tracking – Some research suggests that an alarm with a GPS provides you with a better chance of recovering your vehicle should it ever be stolen.
  • Remote start distance – Some aftermarket car alarm systems can start your vehicle from more than half a mile away. Most factory remote starters have a significantly shorter range. So not only does an aftermarket security system improve anti-theft, but also convenience features.
  • Additional savings – Some insurance companies provide a discount for any alarm system. However, when you upgrade to a better alarm, you may want to check and see if they have an even better discount for an aftermarket alarm system.

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