3 Financial Benefits of Car Alarm Installation

Before you decide installing a car alarm system for your vehicle is too much of an expense, consider the following 3 financial benefits. You may decide it’s more cost-efficient to install a system than to pass one up.

#1 Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Not all of your risk assessment when it comes to car insurance premiums is based on your driving record. Some of it is based on the safety or security features on your vehicle. After all, if your car is tougher to steal, that decreases the likelihood of an insurance company needing to pay out.

In California, this is an especially important consideration. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 8 of the 10 metropolitan areas with the highest rate of auto theft are in California. It’s also important to secure vehicles that are more frequently stolen. According to the NICB, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic are still the two most stolen cars overall. However, since newer models are tougher to steal, the Nissan Altima and Chrysler 200 were the two most stolen 2015 models.

#2 Prevents the Cost of Theft Replacement

California also leads the nation in the sheer number of vehicles stolen annually with more than 170,000 in 2015. That’s nearly 3 times the number of vehicles stolen in Texas, the state where the second most cars are boosted.

Since insurance companies are always looking to avoid paying out money, you won’t get full replacement value on your vehicle. You will only receive book value. Plus, the paperwork is a hassle with most companies. If there’s no police report, there’s no money. That leaves you making up the difference.

#3 Avoids Additional Costs of Theft

You may have to wait several weeks to see if the car turns up before the insurance pays out. After all, in the eyes of the insurance company, you are the number one suspect since you stand to receive the insurance payout. For all they know, you may have ditched the car in a river to collect the insurance, so they will delay as long as possible. That also means paying for an alternate means of transportation in the meantime.

Then if your car is found, it may end up in the impound. That means a fine to get it back. In spite of everything, you still own the car, so you’re responsible for paying the fee to get it back.

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