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3 Common Myths About Car Stereo System Subwoofers

If you are on the prowl for a new car stereo system, you’ve come to the right place. But before we get started, we just wanted to make sure that you understand the importance of a good subwoofer in creating the listening experience you crave. Here are three common myths about car stereo system subs so that you don’t get

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5 Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

There are two things that attract a thief to a vehicle. The first is the car itself. Some models are stolen far more often than others, and the reason is usually that the particular make and model can be broken down into parts and sold off easily. The second factor is how easy the car is to take. In a

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4 Tips for the Ultimate Marine Stereo Set Up

Are you ready to have some fun on the water this spring and summer? If you want to upgrade the stereo system on your boat before taking it out with your friends, we’ve got 4 tips to help you create the best marine stereo system. What do want in an audio system? – By thinking about your want list ahead

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“Is My Car Window Tint Legal in Any State?”

In the state of California, there are some pretty particular car window tint laws. For example, when it comes to the windshield, you can only tint the very top few inches. There are also restrictions on the side windows for the front of the vehicle. However, California is far from having the strictest tint laws. Some states don’t allow any

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5 Elements to a Better Car Audio System

You don’t have to upgrade your entire car stereo system at the same time to eventually have the system of your dreams. Here are 5 elements to an upgraded audio system. You can replace these elements in stages to keep the project affordable. The Head Unit – In older cars, replacing the factory stereo can offer an instant improvement in

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