3 Misconceptions About Audiophiles

Are you a music lover who wants the best possible sound quality in your car, boat, or company fleet vehicles? If you care about the nuances of the tunes you listen to while on the go, you know there are a lot of misconceptions about people who just aren’t happy with a factory sound system. Here are 3 common misunderstandings.

Myth #1: You Have to Be Rich to Enjoy Good Sound

Okay, some sound systems get pricey. But you if have a good installer help you to select the right equipment to meet your needs, costs can be kept to a minimum. Plus, for an audiophile, perfect sounding music is your hobby. People spend plenty of money on fine wine, travel, gourmet meals, instruments, photography equipment, and other hobbies without being rich. The same is true of those who appreciate sound quality.

Myth #2: Music Lovers Hate Digital Audio

Most audiophiles don’t have a vinyl player in their car or on their boat. Digital music has reached the point today where those who stick to analog only are a relatively small group, kind of like those who insist on taking pictures with film despite that fact that 50-megapixel cameras exist. We’re not knocking analog sound. It’s just a lot easier to bring your entire music collection with you in digital format unless you drive a bus.

Myth #3: The Bigger the Speakers, the Better

Size isn’t everything in the audio world. Sure, you can get speakers that require reinforcing the floor in your home, but when it comes to your car or boat, you’re going to be looking for speakers that provide you with the best sound to size ratio. And there are plenty of small speakers that deliver big sound.

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