Avoiding False Positives on an Alcohol Detection System

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Avoiding False Positives on an Alcohol Detection System

Did you know that just one DUI offense can land you having to breathe into an alcohol detection system in order to start your vehicle in the state of California? As a recommended installer by both authorized alcohol detection system companies in the state, Soundiego is in a unique position to help you not just have your device installed and calibrated properly but also to ensure you use it properly. Here are some tips to avoid false positives that could keep you off the road.

  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash – Mouthwash that contains alcohol can definitely result in a false positive. You may even want to test your alcohol-free mouthwash on a day when you don’t have plans to drive just to be on the safe side.
  • Any strong fragrance – Strong perfume or cologne can result in a false positive. So be extra light on your fragrances if you decide to wear any at all. If you have a passenger who is wearing a strong fragrance, you may want to get in the car and start it up before they enter the vehicle.
  • Cough medicine – During a pandemic, you don’t want to be out and about sick. But your cough medicine is probably going to stop you from driving anyway. Most of them contain alcohol, especially nighttime ones.

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