ADS/IID Installation and Calibration in Southern California

It only takes one DUI to have your driver’s license revoked in California, especially if you won’t submit to the breathalyzer or if the BAC that you blow is very high. Additionally, you may be required to have a device installed in your vehicle that won’t let your start your car unless you can prove your BAC is under the legal limit. These devices are either called an alcohol detection system (ADS) or an ignition interlock device (IID).

This is not something you can just buy off the shelf and put in your own vehicle. It has to be installed professionally by a recommended installer. The device itself connects to your car’s ignition and functions as a breathalyzer test that you take before starting the car. If you don’t pass, you won’t be able to drive until your BAC gets back down into the safe and legal range.

San Diego’s ADS/IID Installers

Soundiego has decades of experience in vehicle modifications and upgrades, and that’s why we were able to receive the status of being a recommended installer. We can also help to calibrate your system properly. After all, you don’t want to get pulled over and receive a second DUI because the device lets you drive when it shouldn’t have. But you also don’t want to be stuck wherever you are because it registered a higher BAC than it should have.

Keep in mind, too, that we can provide custom installation to make the device as discrete as possible. Just call 619.582.5577 to learn more, or you can request a quote online.

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