A Quick FAQ Regarding Car Window Tinting

Customers have many questions regarding car window tinting. Here is a quick rundown of a few of the most commonly asked questions.

  • How should I choose my window tint shade? – Initially, your installer should tell you what is legal in your state. Once you know state guidelines, then you can choose within those regulations to your preference.
  • Will I get more benefits from a darker tint? – Some benefits, like privacy, rely on a dark tint. However, other benefits, like heat rejection and UV rejection, can be attained with coatings that are virtually clear.
  • Which side of the glass is aftermarket tint applied to? – The inside. This means you should be careful not to just let your seatbelt fly when you detach it. That is probably the number one way that people end up scratching their tint.
  • Will the tint turn purple and bubble up after a few years? – Not if you hire a professional. Tint that discolors and bubbles up is an indicator of an inferior product. No reputable installer should be using that type of tint.
  • Can I roll my windows down right away? – No. Your new window tint will take several days to cure. Your installer can let you know how long to wait before rolling down the windows. If you have passengers in your car, you may want to lock the windows so that no one forgets.

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