Top Tips for Keeping Your Car from Being Stolen or Broken Into

Owning a car, especially a nice one, opens you up to all sorts of security risks. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car from being stolen or broken into.

  • Lock the doors and roll up the windows – This should go without saying, but sometimes we get too comfortable when the car is in the driveway or we are just running into the store for a few minutes.
  • Don’t leave valuables visible – Tinting your windows can help, but you can’t have a dark tint on your front windows in California, so be sure you don’t leave a bag or any electronics visible. Your car may still be there when you get back, but the window may be smashed and your items missing.
  • Drive in the nice part of town – If there is a neighborhood in your area where carjackings are more likely to occur, you probably know about it. So do what you can to avoid driving through those areas.
  • Have a modern car alarm installed professionally – Not only can this serve as a deterrent to a thief, but you may also be able to recover a stolen vehicle if your car alarm system is equipped with GPS.

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